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EXPLORED, MANAGED & RISK: In collaboration with Qalibrate and Michael Bolton,
Nine will be offering 3 different courses in October (23rd-27th)


EXPLORED, MANAGED & RISK: In collaboration with Qalibrate and Michael Bolton,
Nine will be offering 3 different courses in October (23rd-27th)



The Rapid Software Testing philosophy

In a world where time is scarce and complexity is increasing, we need to rethink the way we test. Testers who have attended Rapid Software testing courses are taught to test faster and more cost-effectively, while also achieving a higher level of credibility within the team and the rest of the organization. The courses will equip you to better handle the pressures of the environment and inspire you to develop your skills.

Rapid Software Testing Courses

About the RST-courses

Learning Approach

RST-courses focus particularly on hands-on exercises and practical tasks. The learning approach isn’t driven by slides and/or memorization. Instead, it’s highly interactive – with Michael incorporating participants’ questions and needs into the material. The goal is for participants to take these insights home and implement them in their daily work


Rapid Software Testing is applicable in all types of companies, regardless of the project model used. It is well-proven and recognized worldwilde


Participants in the course will, upon returning to work, be able to assist their teams and stakeholders in quickly and effectively gaining insight into the quality of the product and whether there are defetcs that could ultimately threaten the product’s value.


From October 23rd to October 25th:

This unique class introduces Rapid Software Testing, a context-driven methodology for testing any product that includes or involves software. We show you powerful new ways to think, to apply heuristic models, and to test responsibly and systematically, so that you focus on business risk and do the right kinds of deep testing that your product needs, when it needs it.

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On October 26th:

Risk-based testing means organizing test strategy around suspected product risks. This means testers perform risk analysis before, during, and after tests are performed: before tests to guide the test process, during tests to adjust the strategy, and after the product is released to learn about risks that were missed in the original planning. Risk-based testing is a powerful way to focus testing and to justify the time and energy it takes to test deeply.

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On October 27th:

Excellent testing is an open investigation by skilled technical people. Excellent test management requires you to center on the people who do the testing – their skills, behavior, and relationship to the rest of the development process. This class will help you to be a better test manager.

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12.000 DKK without VAT

5.000 DKK without VAT

5.000 DKK without VAT

We can also offer you
a combination of classes
with a discount

  • Explored, RISK and Managed (5 days): 15.000 DKK without VAT
  • Explored and Managed (4 days): 14.000 DKK without VAT
  • Explored and Risk (4 days): 14.000 DKK without VAT
  • Risk and Managed (2 days): 7.000 DKK without VAT